Principal Investigator

Wolfgang Kelsch


+49(0)6131/17-3950 or +49(0)621/1703-6213
I am seeking to understand how value and social memories are encoded in neuronal circuits and how individual differences arising from prior experience and genetics shape these neuronal functions and behavior.
Lab Members

Mirko Articus

My interest is to discover how neuronal circuits build a model of value, reward, and predictions and how these models are updated across learning.

Sven Berberich

I am an electrophysiologist and pharmacologist interested in the neuronal mechanisms of prefrontal association and social learning.

Sarah Ghanayem

I am developing new behavioral paradigms with ecological longitudinal designs for better translatability.

Renee Hartig

I aim to understand how distributed circuits interact to generate cognitions related to social behaviors and expected value. Toward this aim, I combine fMRI and electrophysiology in behaving mice.

Marcel Moor

My goal is to identify behavioral sequences in self-paced social behaviors.

Danai Nikolantonaki

I combine longitudinal mouse colony assessment with intermittent task-based fMRI and genetic interventions to understand neuronal mechanisms that convey the formation of individual behavioral phenotypes.

Jonathan Reinwald

My research focuses on the full development of awake mouse fMRI. This work shall contribute to a better understanding of the networks critically involved in stress-related responses. Here I investigate the interaction of natural social behaviors with individual response traits.

Walter Canedo Riedel

My goal is to understand how expectations are formed and corrected through neuronal computations in distributed circuits.

Max Scheller

I am developing new tools and approaches to better understand cognitive flexibility and value assignment in complex behaviors. Specifically, I am interested in how interregional networks are coordinated dynamically to generate plasticity and new memories.

Eda Turgut

I am interested in the dynamics of complex social interactions and the development of non-invasive sensor-rich mouse habitats

David Wolf

I examine how social information is encoded in distributed brain circuits. I aim to generate an olfactory systems model of social identity and value presentations.

Angela Zhuo

I am investigating social and reward memory formations. My goal is to understand better how distributed circuits encode value information.

Florian Bähner

Senior Physician and Group leader, CIMH, Heidelberg University

Carla Filosa

Senior Data Scientist, Roche

Franziska Haag

Physician, Mainz

Patrick Jendritza

Fellow, Salk Institute

Zhijun Li

Professor in Neurology, Wuhan U

Lennart Oettl

Fellow, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, UCL

Manfred Oswald

Researcher, Heidelberg University

Namas Ravi

PostDoc, Childrens Hospital, Philadelphia

Eleonora Russo

Assistant Professor, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa

Luise Staatsmann

Business Intelligence Developer, Berlin

Anna-Sophia Wahl

Assistant Professor, LMU, Munich

Sebastian Wieland

Senior Physician and Group leader, Dept. of Psychosomatics, Heidelberg University

Laurens Winkelmeier

Resident in Neuroradiology, UKE, Hamburg